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At present, many of our readers are inquiring about the best Drupal 8.4.4 Hosting India providers, for this software has become one of the most widely used blogging tools available online. Drupal is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. Drupal is built by the Drupal project which is led and coordinated by Drupal HQ, an Australian company of 30 developers which is financially supported by a network of over 60 Drupal Partner service companies worldwide


Drupal is a free, open source software that gives designers the extra ounce of flexibility. You can modify as and when you want to. Also sharing and content distribution are easier via Drupal. Drupal is perfect for both small and big business and can adapt to the size of the enterprise it is serving.Drupal creates such an environment that you can create extensions and modules which have never been thought of before. You can give a physical shape to our creative and innovative ideas. Drupal is free to use and Drupal Developers and Designers will not be charged anything for contributing or withdrawing from the CMS. The advantages are astounding when you look at the life cycle of Drupal Websites, which typically can be up to six years.

All changes since the last release

  • #2894068 by Jo Fitzgerald, davidsickmiller, alexpott, heddn, Yogesh Pawar, quietone, xjm: datetime_type is not set correctly when migrating datetime fields from D7
  • #2930715 by alexpott, dawehner: Recursive rebuild caused by installing admin_toolbar_tools module
  • #2837022 by hchonov, xjm, vlad.dancer, plach, matsbla, Gábor Hojtsy: Concurrently editing two translations of a node may result in data loss for non-translatable fields
  • #2933125 by Tessa Bakker: Case mismatch in ExportForm.php
  • #2323459 by harsha012, jhodgdon, joachim: Change wording of annotation keys to properties
  • #2840257 by kiamlaluno: The documentation makes reference to a function that doesn’t exist
  • #2779921 by kiamlaluno, alexpott: hook_field_widget_form_alter() still reference a hook that is not used anymore
  • #2931294 by claudiu.cristea, Wim Leers: Timestamp field type misses schema for value
  • #2923884 by mfernea: Fix ‘Squiz.WhiteSpace.SemicolonSpacing’ coding standard
  • #2899708 by gaurav.kapoor, tan33sh, tedbow, droplet, Wim Leers: `quote` should be `blockquote` in off-canvas.base.css
  • #2932154 by jhedstrom: ModerationInformation::getLatestRevisionId returns access-specific results
  • #2932551 by jeqq: Error when calling ModerationStateFieldItemList::updateModeratedEntity() if the entity doesn’t have workflow
  • #2346893 by lauriii, idebr, slashrsm, RavindraSingh, Rade, Fabianx, alexpott, swentel, gauravjeet, darrenwh, deepak_zyxware, joelpittet, Wim Leers, Yogesh Pawar, Vj, ivan.chavarro, josephdpurcell, josmera01, rloos289, kattekrab, Tanvish Jha, csakiistvan, xjm, larowlan, akalata: Duplicate AJAX wrapper around a file field
  • #2921033 by Jo Fitzgerald, masipila, phenaproxima, xjm, Wim Leers: Improve API documentation of DrupalSqlBase source plugin
  • #2862671 by masipila, Jo Fitzgerald, kleog, phenaproxima, quietone: Add documentation to SqlBase source plugin
  • #2930072 by vaplas, Lendude: Module: Convert system functional tests to phpunit
  • #2913864 by Jo Fitzgerald, chiranjeeb2410, matslats, phenaproxima: badly constructred link in drupal_set_message
  • #2928846 by alexpott, Berdir: [PHP 7.2] count() parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
  • #1489692 by Liam Morland, pfrenssen, YesCT, geekinpink, sudishth, josmera01, David_Rothstein: Incorrect handling of file upload limit exceeded – file widget disappears


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