People Web Part in SharePoint Online

The “People” web part in SharePoint Online allows you to display information about people within your organization. This web part displays the user’s profile picture, contact information, job role, and additional details.

Adding People web part to SharePoint online page

  • To add a People web part to a SharePoint Online page, enter the Edit mode by clicking the Edit button in the upper-right corner, click the plus “+” icon to add a new web part, search for the People web part, and select it to include it on the page.
  • When the people web part is added to a page in SharePoint Online, it inserts a default layout with options to edit, move, copy, or delete web part along with layout options.

  • On click of Edit option of the web part, a property pane on the right side of the screen appears displaying Layout options.
  • The “People” web part in SharePoint Online offers small, medium, and large layout options for displaying user profiles. The small size is compact and ideal for limited space, while the medium size strikes a balance between information and visual appeal. The large size emphasizes a more detailed and prominent display. By choosing the appropriate size, you can effectively showcase the desired information and create an engaging experience within the “People” web part.
  • In the medium and large layouts of the People web part, there are additional options available to enhance the display of profile information by using option “Add a profile link”. In the medium layout, you can insert a tagline for each person, providing a brief description or role. In the large layout, there is an option to include a more detailed description for each person, allowing for a richer representation of their background or expertise.
  • To rearrange the order of people profiles in the People web part, simply use the Move button and drag-and-drop each profile to your preferred positions.
  • When hovering over a user’s profile in the modern SharePoint “People” web part, it displays the user’s profile picture, contact information, option to send email or start a chat and additional details such as inclusion of LinkedIn profile link etc.

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