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Best & Cheap SugarCRM Hosting

The release is available to download for On-Site customers and is being automatically applied to On-Demand instances running an earlier version of Sugar releases.

The following issues have been resolved in version

  • 45362 : The Users module may improperly appear in Admin > Role Management when logged into Sugar with certain languages (e.g. Spanish).
  • 67952 : The Visibility Editor window may not display properly when trying to configure the dependency for a dependent dropdown field.
  • 72454 : The Name field does not auto-populate as expected for custom File-type modules created via Admin > Module Builder.
  • 73899 : When quick composing an email (e.g. via Emails subpanel), including the plus (+) sign in the email body may not appear as expected in the sent email.
  • 73940 : The report filter may not display the custom module’s label correctly if there is a one-to-many relationship between the target module (e.g. Accounts) and custom module.
  • 74086 : Grouping the report (e.g. Summation report) by month for Date Created or Date Modified fields may cause the line chart to display incorrectly.
  • 74315 : Changing an integer field that is marked as required with a set default value (e.g. 1), to “0”, may improperly revert back to the default value upon saving the record.
  • 74582 : Creating a workflow for the Quotes module that updates the related shipping account record’s fields, improperly changes the quote’s Billing Account Name field with the shipping account name when the workflow triggers.
  • 74586 : Exporting reports with large amounts of data may not complete as expected and cause the application to time out.
  • 74626 : When a user edits a quote, the Billing Account Name and Shipping Account Name fields along with the related address information may be deleted upon save if the user is assigned a role where the quote’s Billing Address field is set to “Read Only”.
  • 74709 : Deleting a user in Sugar does not remove the user’s private team as expected.
  • 75296 : Certain links in the Developer Guide may be broken.
  • 75432 : For MSSQL, process definitions may not evaluate and return teams and roles accurately.
  • 75515 : Switching between custom filters multiple times when configuring the List View dashlet, may cause the dashlet to not display records as expected upon saving the dashlet configuration.
  • 75587, 75625, 75979, 76251 : Matrix-type reports with multiple groupings may not display report results correctly as expected.
  • 75588 : Importing email addresses to Sugar does not mark the email as “Primary” in the record as expected.
  • 75601 : Clicking “Save” vs “Save and Send Invites” when updating a call or meeting may cause invites to be sent when they should not be.
  • 75678 : When logging into Sugar using SAML, if the user’s email address contains an apostrophe, it may result in unexpected behavior and cause duplicate user records to be created in Sugar.
  • 75811 : The upgrade from 7.5.x.x to may fail if there are meeting records where the Duration field is empty due to the field being removed from the layout (e.g. Edit View).

SugarCRM Hosting Review

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