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After reviewing hundreds of PrestaShop v1.7 Hosting in Australia plans on price, features, PrestaShop compatibility & installation, reliability, performance and technical support, we found that the PrestaShop hosting offered by are the best. In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review to explain why they are the winners in detail. The selected solutions are some of the most affordable and reliable for building a rich-featured forum. We have made the following table to list the main features and the prices of the packages.

As you may know, Prestashop v1.7 is on the fast track. Meanwhile, the entire of community are trying to gain a thorough knowledge of this platform.

Prestashop on Google Trends

This keyword has risen constantly in google trends since 2015. It reached its highest popularity in February 2016, and April 2016, according to the statistic on the picture below. Moreover, in comparison with “ Prestashop” search term, Prestashop v1.7  gets higher queries. Prestashop is very popular in Madagascar, Spain, Czech republic. According to Google Keyword Tool, there are several keywords during the last few months.

Although Prestashop is under the process of development, it is pretty transparent for all community members and we highly appreciate that. In addition to this, this newest version is declared to come with tons of amazing features and enhancements:

  • Keep the core clean, features as modules
  • Better module integration
  • Better password security
  • CSS editor and back-office theme editor
  • Back-office access to error messages and debug profiling
  • Better product configuration
  • Blog integration
  • Clean URLS
  • Easier customizable checkout
  • Simple maintenance system

Is there any change planned to the override system?

PrestaShop 1.7 introduces the use of namespaces with its new architecture, and in short, anything that has namespaces cannot be overridden. The legacy architecture can still be overridden, though. But in general, we advise against overriding code. It is better to extend it. Also, overrides are currently forbidden in the Symfony-based pages (namely, the Product page and the Modules page).

Overrides are a nice system to have, but the issue with it is that it is an uncontrolled extension system. We are working on a carefully planned process that will allow developers to extend the PrestaShop code in a much cleaner way. We will soon write about it on this blog, but the gist of it would be that the developer team would integrate your needs for overrides in the next version of PrestaShop – kind of what polyfills do for HTML5 features 🙂 In short, you tell us what you need, and while we include it in the next version, you can use an override.

Again: the override system is not going away, you will still be able to easily extend PrestaShop. We’re just changing the way we want this to happen: instead of each developer having a separate set of overrides, we want developers who need an override to let us know about it, so that the next version of PrestaShop includes it directly.

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Customer Service

Like most other outstanding hosting companies, offers all the customers a responsive technical support team, which is available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Specialized in this field, all the support staffs have rich support experiences, so customers can get the best help whenever they need.

Besides, offers multiple channels for customers to seek for help via email and support ticket. All of these methods are 100% Australia based. Thus, customers can contact with experts effectively.

  • Email and ticket – Whenever you have encountered some unexpected problems, you can choose to either send an email or open a support ticket based on your preference and needs. Note that if the second channel is chosen, the company’s support team will look into your issue and send you a response within 24 hours.
  • Knowledgebase – The company provides numerous helpful video and written tutorials, guides, etc to help you troubleshoot issues by yourself. is Recommended for PrestaShop v1.7 Hosting in Australia

Due to the affordable hosting price, various features, excellent reliability and speed, as well as efficient support service, has done a great job in terms of web hosting service. Thus, we highly recommend this web host for those who are seeking for an ideal hosting solution.