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Since a mounting number of webmasters choose Moodle 3.5.2 Hosting in UK . Moodle is actually an abbreviation for Modular Object-Orientated Dynamic Leaning Environment. The software was first introduced in 2002 and was developed by Martin Dougiamas . Moodle is open-source and so therefore it’s free, just like WordPress. There are many ways in which, as an educator you too can use Moodle, including; submitting and marking assignment, downloading document, messaging , forums and collaboration, quizes, tests, and much more.


  • MDL-61652 – Configuration as to who can download SAR data
  • MDL-62026 – Privacy officer can mark general enquiries as complete
  • MDL-62660 – Option to set a data request expiry time
  • MDL-57741 – Launch URL for Publish as LTI tool
  • MDL-57977 – Global search allows searching for users by alternate name

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-60826 – Memory exhaustion error when trying to add/edit calendar event as admin
  • MDL-60874 – Clearer search results in user enrolment
  • MDL-62782 – Users with the capability mod/assign:viewgrades can also view uploaded feedback files
  • MDL-62849 – Filemanager: cannot manage files when there are folders
  • MDL-62534 – Empty course sections deleted when upgrading
  • MDL-62600 – Admin is misinformed that there are no data requests
  • MDL-61351 – Shibboleth logout does not handle file sessions correctly
  • MDL-62996 – Missing upgrade.php file on tool_dataprivacy may cause errors when upgrading from 3.3 or 3.4
  • MDL-62643 – Online text assignment submissions generate a blank HTML document for grading when no text is entered
  • MDL-61515 – The current core php-css-parser prefixing library does not support sass syntax “@supports”
  • MDL-61424 – When token is rejected from provide option to unregister
  • MDL-59847 – Behaviour when city/country are hiddenfields and identityfields at the same time
  • MDL-62965 – User profile fields missing on signup page
  • MDL-62889 – Multiple fixes when redirecting to a URL after clicking on a notification
  • MDL-62989 – Data requests are listed by date requested for users
  • MDL-62896 – Some non-core plugins are missing their Additional label on the Plugin data registry page
  • MDL-62993 – External tool Message in Membership Service not in an Array
  • MDL-62969 – External tool LtiLinkMemberships URL is invalid
  • MDL-62581 – Boost Course restore screen styling improvements
  • MDL-62769 – “Statistics for question positions” graph shows last shown variant, not stats for overall question
  • MDL-62341 – ‘Go back to previous page’ link on All policies page
  • MDL-62746 – Boost core_tag modals content layout improvements
  • MDL-45389 – Forum index page alignment improvements
  • MDL-61707 – Pre-signup (minor check) session is not deleted upon signup
  • MDL-62852 – All policies page lists policy type and audience

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