ASP.NET Core Hosting Tips: Using MiniBlog and ASP.NET 6.0 to Create a Minimalist Blog

Blogging has become a popular method to express ideas, share information, and connect with a large audience in the current digital era. MiniBlog is an excellent option for ASP.NET 6.0 users who wish to construct a simple, lightweight blog. MiniBlog is an ASP.NET Core-based open-source blog engine concentrating on simplicity and usability. This article describes creating a minimalist blog using MiniBlog and ASP.NET 6.0.

Before you begin using MiniBlog, you must meet the following prerequisites:

You have.NET 6.0 SDK installed on your system.
Knowledge of ASP.NET Core and C# is required.

Setting Up MiniBlog

To begin using MiniBlog, please follow these steps:

Create a New ASP.NET 6.0 Project as the first step

Create a new ASP.NET 6.0 project using the 'dotnet new' command.
dotnet new web -n MyMiniBlog
Step 2. Install MiniBlog Package
Go to the project directory.
cd MyMiniBlog

Install the NuGet package for MiniBlog.
dotnet upload package MiniBlog

Step 3. Configure MiniBlog
The MiniBlog configuration must be added to the ‘appsettings.json’ file.

"MiniBlog": {
"DataPath" is "App_Data", "PostsPerPage" is 5, and "Title" is "My MiniBlog"


Fourth Step: Create the Data Folder
Create a folder titled ‘App_Data’ in the project’s root to hold blog data.

Step 5. Configure Startup.cs
Add the following MiniBlog services to the 'ConfigureServices' method of 'Startup.cs':

Add MiniBlog middleware to the ‘Configure’ method:


Having installed MiniBlog, let’s examine how to create and administer blog content.

Create a Brand New Blog Post

Create a new Markdown file with the desired blog post content in the ‘App_Data’ folder. MiniBlog employs Markdown for blog posts, allowing you to concentrate on the content as opposed to HTML.

Step 2: Post the Blog Entry

Navigate to ‘https://localhost:5001/admin’ while the application is running. You will be required to establish an administrator account. Click “Publish” to publish the blog post after logging in. MiniBlog generates the necessary HTML from the Markdown content automatically.

Step 3: Modify the Blog

MiniBlog offers numerous configuration options. You can alter the appearance of your blog by generating and applying custom CSS styles. Additionally, you can peruse the MiniBlog documentation to discover sophisticated customization options.

MiniBlog is an excellent option for ASP.NET 6.0 developers who favor a minimalist approach when developing a blog. MiniBlog’s simplicity, usability, and Markdown support enable you to focus on creating and publishing engaging content without superfluous complications. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can quickly install MiniBlog and ASP.NET 6.0 and create a minimalist blog. Happy blogging!

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